Pack Certification


May 6-10 2019 

Morrow Ranch Camp

CHA Pack & Trail Certification Clinic. 

Total Cost is $800 

$400 deposit due upon registration

Clinic Instructors: Scott Depaolo & (to be announced)




Don't miss this opportunity to earn a pack and trail certification through the Certified Horsemanship Association. Currently, the only pack clinic being offered in the US, this will be both educational and enjoyable. ​






What is the goal of the clinic

  • This clinic is designed to evaluate and certify packers, trail guides, and pack instructors. While not directly designed to teach these skills there is always an opportunity to learn from both instructors and participants. 


How is clinic time spent

  • The clinic is 5 days with time spent both at the host facility and on the trail. During this time participants will demonstrate their abilities for evaluation by peers and by trained evaluators. 


What is included in this clinic?

  • We provide the needed clinic manuals and forms for certification. Additionally, we provide meals and wall tent style lodging, access to bathhouse/shower facilities, pack and riding equipment. We also provide pack stock and riding horses. If you would like to bring your own horse, see question below. 


What are the four levels of certification?

  • Level 1 is "Day Guide"  for people who commonly lead groups on trail rides.

  • Level 2 is "Overnight Guide." It is designed for people who do extended group trail rides including a night on the trail.

  • Level 3 is "Packing Guide." It is designed for guides who take groups of riders or pack stock into the backcountry.

  • Level 4 is "Wilderness Packer." It is designed for Packers, Outfitters, or Guides who take groups of people, equipment, or stock into the backcountry for extended durations. 


What level can I certify to?

  • Levels are progressive. It is assumed that participants who certify to level 4 are also certified in the lower levels. On some occasions, participants can certify as high as level 4 on their first clinic, but these instances are rare and usually accomplished by someone who is current and active in the industry. 


Describe the facilities.

  • On the trail, you can expect to stay in a tent on the ground. You are encouraged to bring a good sleeping bag and pad. Bathroom facilities will be rustic and may be in the form of a hand dug lutrine or even just a shovel. Appropriate privacy concerns will be addressed at each campsite. 

  • Base camp will be at the Morrow Ranch facility. There will be placed wall tents with bunks and wood floors. There is a nice bathhouse with hot showers and a community dining area. 


Can I bring my own horse?

  • We will allow participants to bring their own riding animals provided they meet the following criteria:

  • They must be quiet natured and easy to be around. They must be able to handle highlining, hobbling, or staking out. They must be reasonably sound. They must be current on worming and vaccinations. Their feet must be prepared for extended riding over rocky ground.

  • You must request to bring your horse no later than two weeks before the clinic   


Can I get a ride to and from the airport?

  • We will have an airport shuttle available so you don't need to rent a car. It is about a two-hour drive to PDX airport. If you need a ride please let us know when you register so we can coordinate schedules to pick everyone up in one trip.  










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