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Day Camps

at the lake

Camp Morrow is pleased to provide Day Camps for the first time ever! This summer, we aim to provide a fun option for all age groups.  We understand it will look and feel different, but with so much kids are missing out on we hope to provide some fun to their summer.  

Splashing Water

It's Time to LEt Them Out!

Adventure awaits for Day Campers yearning to experience an exciting summer! There will be some similar aspects to our overnight camps such as the activities and the incredible staff who take great care of your kids.  Not surprising though, there will be some changes due to COVID-19 including physical distancing and daily health screening.  We are going to do our best to provide a safe and healthy experience all the while keeping the fun in camp through activities the kids know and love and adding in some new ones.  You can also rest assured knowing the gospel is still the heartbeat of our programs. 

Children's Race

Peace of


We will be following the guidelines from the state to minimize the risk, but ultimately you as the parent or guardian need to decide if you are willing to send your child to camp.  If you determine your child to be at high risk, we recommend you do not send them to camp this year as we cannot guarantee that exposure to the virus will not happen at camp. 

Also, camp will feel different for kids who have been to one of our overnight camps before.   Each cabin group operates independently and remains at a safe distance from every other cabin group.  They will rotate through the activities and waterfront and will sit together during chapels and meals.  We understand this will be a hard transition for kids, but we want to set the expectation ahead of kids coming to camp. 

It's Worth the Drive

We know that it can be inconvenient to drop your kids off each day. We promise it will be worth it to see the smiles on your children each night! We wish we could help with transportation, but due to the restrictive guidelines we are unable to.  Hopefully, there will be some carpool options among other families.  We also understand this format will be prohibitive to many of our regular campers and we are sorry about that, but we look forward to seeing you again in 2021! 

The other piece of information we will need is regarding contact tracing.  We are required to collect the phone number for the driver who drops off each camper.  You are welcome to carpool and change drivers from day to day and even to drop off and pick up.  We have a simple form where you can list the people who may be dropping off or picking up throughout the week.  If something changes, even last minute, we can add them when they arrive at camp, we are just trying to collect information ahead to cut down on the time during drop off and pick up.  Simple use the link below for the Contact Tracing Form.

Please feel free to contact the camp with any questions you might have.


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