Earn Your Way Program

Starts Sunday February 16

All lessons must be completed by May 30

Our desire is to see kids spending time in the Bible on a regular basis. We hope this program not only encourages that, but also helps them to learn to study the Bible so they can learn on their own as they read. This year’s program will take kids through various books of the Bible, helping them to see God and understand His character hopefully leading to some specific ways all ages can learn and grow from the study of His Word.

This program is designed for kids currently in Kindergarten-12th grade (Primary: Kindergarten-2nd grade, Grade school: 3rd-6th grade and Teens: 7th-12th grades). Each lesson completed will be worth $5 towards the registration fees of a 2020 summer program. We will notify you of what was earned at the end of the program. Once you complete a lesson (15 lessons for 3rd -12th grades, 8 lessons for Kindergarten-2nd grades), the next lesson will be made available to you. Each lesson is broke into parts which can be completed in one sitting or over a period of time. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.


79551 Morrow Rd

Wamic, OR 97063


Tel: 541-544-2971


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